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Radical Solutions Co., Ltd. is an accredited consulting human resources agent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs、Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare which is located in the heart of Tokyo Japan. We are partners with numerous recruiting agents in the Philippines that are duly accredited and licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).

Human Resource Solutions
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Why use PLUS Nippon as your Human Resources Solution Provider in Japan ?

ef1080cfba98c86e5abe1969a75a7d71_sOur goal is to provide affordable and high quality human resources from the Philippines to Japan nationwide. This initiative is code named –  PLUS Nippon.

PLUS Nippon LLC is a subsidiary of Radical Solutions Co., Ltd.

Radical Solutions strength lies in our prompt resourcing from large applicant database. Our partner agents have decades of experience in deploying skilled and certified workers worldwide including Japan.

Very minimal paper work necessary for the client/employer. Radical Solutions offers assistance for the necessary paper work facilitation required for employer’s accreditation in Japan and Philippines.

Our local support team consists of multi-lingual Filipino and Japanese staff ready to provide continual support to your hired Filipino workers. This gives as an advantage because our local support team can address your worker’s needs on a multi-lingual basis and provide in-depth understanding and possible solutions.

Most of Filipino dialects will be supported ensuring trust and articulations of the problems that the workers may face.

Radical Solutions also have measures and processes in placed to prevent premature dropouts and will provide all the aftercare worker support. A full time service assistance can be provided for workers if required.

Our services are geared to meet the client goal. Small scale to large-scale labor teams can be arranged. Both long and short term hiring is possible.

We will provide Business consulting and advise for the best possible solution based your expectations.

With Radical Solutions, you will experience a much lower Operating costs with high quality human workforce / resources output.

We also provide a meticulous pre-signup training for culture, languages and job skills to ensure that the Filipino staff will blend faster with your working environment.


What’s the advantages of hiring Filipinos ?cb81e82b9b1754fbf1725fff87fe7575_s

Some of the favorable aspects of hiring Filipino workers are as follows :

–       Filipinos are highly adaptable to foreign environments. For many decades, Filipinos have worked overseas in almost all of the locations in Asia, Europe and Americas and have developed an ability to adapt very well to any location and working conditions.

–       No strict Religious restrictions as well as Food or Clothing limitations. Filipinos   lived and worked in different countries regardless of Religion and Culture.

–       Very enthusiastic and has a close ties with Japanese. Filipinos has developed a close personal attachment with the Japanese community and are very Enthusiastic and Self-driven.

–       One good aspect of Filipino’s work ethics is its high regards to their superiors and peers. Culturally, they are trained and brought up with the special behavioral respect to their Managers and co-workers. Filipinos are known to always follow what their superior requires them to do as we’ll as avoid unnecessary misunderstanding with their peers.

Like the Japanese, this humble behavior also extends outside of work onto their daily normal lifestyle in keeping respect to their elders and friends. From addressing in Keigo to actual demeanor.

–       Filipinos, when overseas, are not known to form groups or union that go against their employer or community. They blend well with any other nationalities at work place and outside.

–       Philippines is in very close proximity with Japan. This is a great advantage in terms of the worker’s close touch with their relatives back home. Even in family emergency cases, they are able to travel back and forth in a short period of time. Overall giving the workers a whole peace of mind and a feeling of closer to their homeland.

–       A very strict Government regulated Medical Health checkup is undergone for each and every Filipino worker before being qualified and deploy to Japan or any other countries. This ensures that your worker will be fit to work and does not encounter any illness or disease that may prevent them from performing their work.


PLUS Nippon has wide area of workers coverage.
They are (but not limited) to the following fields:


Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Industrial, Instrument, Information Technology (IT) and others

Medical Assistance

Dental assistant, Dermatological staff, Nursing assistance, Caretakers and other medical related assistants

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Forestry

Fishermen and Hunters, Farm Workers Farmers, Live stock workers, Husbandry, Agricultural

Hotel & Restaurant, Food Industries

Waiter, Waitress, Housekeeper, Bellboy, Kitchen helper, Cook, Dishwasher, Concierge, Front desk, Back office / Admin, Spa therapists



Office Staff

Secretary / assistant, Clerk/encoder, Messenger, Accountant, Bookeepers Company driver, Administrative staff, other support staff


Band, Singer, Dancer, Clown, Magician, Event organizer, Face painter, Balloon art, others


Housemaid / Domestic Help, Family driver, Baby sitter/ nanny


Overseas Filipino workers countries of deployment:53930496575949926fefb046cd85898e_s



Caribbean island

Saudi Arabia





republic of guinea

republic of Mali


South Korea



Hong Kong







Below are some of our accredited agent’s current and past clients:

357cb2721081ef5afb8caf32280415cd_sPrince hotel KL

Mandarin oriental KL

Sheraton KL

Palm jumeirah monorail

China high-speed rail projects

Dubai metro operations and maintenance staffing

Canada golden Ears Building

PETRONAS tower Malaysia

Singapore sentosa monorail project

Kawasaki heavy industries

Saudi Aramco

Qatar national facility services

Mitsubishi heavy industries

Saudi electronic target system

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Out Sourcing Solutions
Out Sourcing Solutions RADICAL SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd., based in the heart of Tokyo, provides high quality outsourcing services from the Philippines to numerous firms located in Japan.

This service is a part of RADICAL SOLUTIONS’ support program ‘PLUS Nippon’ – Philippines Labor Unified Assistance Service.


Why utilize RADICAL SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.?

At RADICAL SOLUTIONS, our aim is to eliminate miscommunication and similar issues that is faced by most of the international outsourcing companies in Japan. Since RADICAL SOLUTIONS will be your domestic representative responsible for smooth communication by utilising local multi-lingual staff, clients are not required to interact directly with the Philippines. All services will be delivered and executed at the level of requirements expected by the client.

RADICAL SOLUTIONS is partnered with several outsourcing companies in the Philippines that are fully staffed and dedicated in providing top quality services to our clients in Japan. Our partners’ resources are of excellent level of expertise and experience, and are committed in the services business.


What are the benefits of Outsourcing with RADICAL SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.?


–        Reduced internal overhead. Based on our outsourcing experiences, our clients have benefited from a considerable amount of cost reduction in their internal operating costs due to goals being attained with less headcount and infrastructure cost as well as higher profit margin for our clients.


–        Increased flexibility.  By utilizing our outsourcing services, our client has the ability to adjust the size of their team/ resources depending on their needs at any point in time. They can either grow rapidly or even reduce their staff with very limited impact on their internal operations.

–        Higher level in Quality Assurance / Control. Very often when quality assurance or quality control is done internally the staff becomes overloaded, thus lowering the actual effectiveness its process. By using our experienced QA engineers, we can ensure more rigid tests in less time possible.


–        Improved Efficiencies. By outsourcing some of your vital operations to RADICAL SOLUTONS, not only will the client save on operating expenses, but it will also eliminate the stresses in the workplace. This has direct positive results in the client’s internal team. A fast turn-around from our outsourced team back to the client will improve productivity with less time.


–         Fast deployment. We are able to provide a quick setup and deployment of your outsourcing requirements due to our large pool of experienced resources in the Philippines.



Why PLUS Nippon chooses to outsource from the Philippines ?


–        English and Japanese language ability. English is the Philippines 2nd national language. (3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world with 93% literacy rate). English is the primary language for business and education in the Philippines. Moreover, there are good number of our Filipino staff that can speak business level Japanese.


–        Filipinos are service oriented. The Filipino service-oriented culture produces extremely polite employees with world-class customer service. The demand for Philippines Offshore services is growing at a higher rate than most of other Asian countries.


–        Professional service. Filipino professionals are extremely hard workers. They take great pride in their work and focus on quality assurance. They are accountable and pragmatic. They are trained to be efficient, Down-to-Earth and practical in approaching their work.


–        Almost no time-lag. Philippines enjoys the benefit of being geographically close to Japan. The time difference is only one hour, which makes no working time lag at all. When Japan is open for business, Philippines is there to support!


–        Value-for-Money. Salaries in the Philippines much less than the average wages in Japan. However, this does not mean a less quality delivered by the Flipinos. Our Filipino staff are highly educated, trained and experienced in their own field of service. Our clients always enjoy the value for their money when using RADICAL SOLUTIONS services.

PLUS Nippon Simplified roll-out process

After a fundamental agreement between client and Radical Solutions, Clients can then  Tap into our high quality resources with these simple steps :

  1. Requirements submission – A detailed requirements about work or service you expect to be delivered.
  2. Recruiting / Assigning – Radical Solutions will assign, or recruit the necessary staff to perform the tasks / function required. Team formation.
  3. Test Run. To ensure that Service agreement is met and understood, Radical Solutions highly recommends a few weeks test-run of the outsourcing service. Once the client is satisfied, a full deployment is executed.
  4. Daily Coordination, Communication and Service level check between the client and Philippines outsource is performed through Radical Solutions Tokyo office. This helps eliminates both communication gap in language as well as a harmonized coordination.

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