Outsourcing Solutions

RADICAL SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd., based in the heart of Tokyo, provides high quality outsourcing services from the Philippines to numerous firms located in Japan.

This service is a part of RADICAL SOLUTIONS’ support program ‘PINAS’ – Pilipinos In Nippon Assistance Service.


Why utilize RADICAL SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.?

At RADICAL SOLUTIONS, our aim is to eliminate miscommunication and similar issues that is faced by most of the international outsourcing companies in Japan. Since RADICAL SOLUTIONS will be your domestic representative responsible for smooth communication by utilising local multi-lingual staff, clients are not required to interact directly with the Philippines. All services will be delivered and executed at the level of requirements expected by the client.

RADICAL SOLUTIONS is partnered with several outsourcing companies in the Philippines that are fully staffed and dedicated in providing top quality services to our clients in Japan. Our partners’ resources are of excellent level of expertise and experience, and are committed in the services business.


What are the benefits of Outsourcing with RADICAL SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.?


–        Reduced internal overhead. Based on our outsourcing experiences, our clients have benefited from a considerable amount of cost reduction in their internal operating costs due to goals being attained with less headcount and infrastructure cost as well as higher profit margin for our clients.


–        Increased flexibility.  By utilizing our outsourcing services, our client has the ability to adjust the size of their team/ resources depending on their needs at any point in time. They can either grow rapidly or even reduce their staff with very limited impact on their internal operations.

–        Higher level in Quality Assurance / Control. Very often when quality assurance or quality control is done internally the staff becomes overloaded, thus lowering the actual effectiveness its process. By using our experienced QA engineers, we can ensure more rigid tests in less time possible.


–        Improved Efficiencies. By outsourcing some of your vital operations to RADICAL SOLUTONS, not only will the client save on operating expenses, but it will also eliminate the stresses in the workplace. This has direct positive results in the client’s internal team. A fast turn-around from our outsourced team back to the client will improve productivity with less time.


–         Fast deployment. We are able to provide a quick setup and deployment of your outsourcing requirements due to our large pool of experienced resources in the Philippines.



Why RADICAL SOLUTIONS chooses to outsource from the Philippines ?


–        English and Japanese language ability. English is the Philippines 2nd national language. (3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world with 93% literacy rate). English is the primary language for business and education in the Philippines. Moreover, there are good number of our Filipino staff that can speak business level Japanese.


–        Filipinos are service oriented. The Filipino service-oriented culture produces extremely polite employees with world-class customer service. The demand for Philippines Offshore services is growing at a higher rate than most of other Asian countries.


–        Professional service. Filipino professionals are extremely hard workers. They take great pride in their work and focus on quality assurance. They are accountable and pragmatic. They are trained to be efficient, Down-to-Earth and practical in approaching their work.


–        Almost no time-lag. Philippines enjoys the benefit of being geographically close to Japan. The time difference is only one hour, which makes no working time lag at all. When Japan is open for business, Philippines is there to support!


–        Value-for-Money. Salaries in the Philippines much less than the average wages in Japan. However, this does not mean a less quality delivered by the Flipinos. Our Filipino staff are highly educated, trained and experienced in their own field of service. Our clients always enjoy the value for their money when using RADICAL SOLUTIONS services.

RADICAL SOLUTIONS Simplified roll-out process

After a fundamental agreement between client and Radical Solutions, Clients can then  Tap into our high quality resources with these simple steps :

  1. Requirements submission – A detailed requirements about work or service you expect to be delivered.
  2. Recruiting / Assigning – Radical Solutions will assign, or recruit the necessary staff to perform the tasks / function required. Team formation.
  3. Test Run. To ensure that Service agreement is met and understood, Radical Solutions highly recommends a few weeks test-run of the outsourcing service. Once the client is satisfied, a full deployment is executed.
  4. Daily Coordination, Communication and Service level check between the client and Philippines outsource is performed through Radical Solutions Tokyo office. This helps eliminates both communication gap in language as well as a harmonized coordination.