Our Focus

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Today, companies must reinvent their business model to cope with ever changing and increasingly demanding market conditions to ensure continued competitiveness.
Radical Solutions is devoted in helping companies overcome their challenges. Our success is measured by our clients’ lowered costs, improved operations, and increased productivity.
Our clients tap our many years of experience and benefit from the expertise of market veterans without needing internal resources.
Radical Solutions Co., Ltd. is a business solutions provider supporting major corporations operating in Japan. We specialize in multinational companies with operations in Japan as well as domestic firms with overseas units. We offer a suite of services geared towards operational management improvements. We accomplish this through offerings in cost management, process reengineering, as well as project control areas.
Implementing our solutions will lower operating costs, with minimal impact to service levels, thus increasing the productivity of revenue producing units. Radical Solutions focuses on the following operational areas:

  • IT Solutions ( Mobile Apps, Web Portals)
  • Logistics ( Import / Export and Distribution)
  • Marketing (Merchant and Client)

Our strength lies in our understanding of current market conditions and a long history with major institutions in Japan and abroad. We at Radical Solutions have a proven track record of delivering cost savings results to our clients. Firms are reducing costs, attempting to maintain service levels within reduced budget allocations, managing overhead, and assessing optional expenditure such as projects. An effective cost management program successfully reduces costs with as little disruption to the business as possible.

A successful program is marked by the ability to reduce costs without disrupting revenue producing resources, the ability to maximize space utilization, tightly controlled vendor expenditures, strategic outsourcing of specific functions, and ensuring that major capital expenditures match actual requirement.Radical Solutions offers customized planning strategies and execution support in the following areas:

  • Identify the areas within a firm with the highest cost reduction opportunities.
  • Planning and execution of business process re-engineering.
  • Supply supplemental resources and train client to adopt process improvements.
  • Provide a possible outsourcing center to clients to minimize their need for internal specialists.