Merchant Solutions

buy4u Online E-check purchasing system.

Buy4UJapan (Merchant Solutions) is one of our newly released solutions of gift offering.

This method benefits both Merchants (Seller / Retailer) of almost all types of consumer goods and services as well as Customer (Merchant’s clients / buyers) and the customer’s Recipient (Gift receiver) in having a seamless and effortless on-line purchasing system.

Buy4UJapan is an application that allows Merchant members access to our Mall where the Merchants are able to list their store / company and avail of our E-Check purchasing online method. This E-Check purchasing system (Buy4UJapan)  is a tool that allows their customers purchase/buy the merchant’s products / services and enable them to send the gift to a designated recipient using our Buy4UJapan system.

There are no cost for merchants or the clients to register in the system.